The Importance of Learning Spanish Before Visiting Sayulita

The Importance of Learning Spanish Before Visiting Sayulita

We get many messages from travelers who are about to visit Sayulita asking if they should learn Spanish before their trip. Although English is widely spoken throughout the town of Sayulita, it never hurts to learn the language when visiting a foreign country. Spanish is now one of the world’s top leading and most widely spoken languages. By investing in a second, third, or even fourth language, you are enabling yourself to connect further with those around you as well as connect with a new culture on a deeper level. Building a better understanding of others and their way of life always leads to greater relationships, and language is the enabling tool that helps one another better communicate and understand.

Before Your Trip

Some travelers like to book their trip to Sayulita months or even up to a year in advance. This gives travelers the perfect opportunity to practice their Spanish or possibly invest in an online course. It’s important to note that it is perfectly possible to get by on vacation in Sayulita without speaking much Spanish, however, having the ability to communicate with your taxi drivers, waiters and servers, house staff, and new friends you may meet on the beach will introduce a new dimension to your travel experience. If investing in a no-hassle online program sounds right for you, we highly suggest looking into Rocket Languages. We love this online Spanish course for many reasons but the biggest one of all is how user friendly it is. Once you sign up, you’re able to have 24/7 lifetime access to your course, along with the ability to download the application to any smart phone or tablet. Voice recognition ensures that proper pronunciation is used in phrases and vocabulary words.

During Your Trip

If you find yourself in Sayulita and wish to practice or brush up on your Spanish, we would recommend attending a group class or private session. There are several options for Spanish courses available in Sayulita, which can be found here on our website. All Spanish language programs highlighted on Sayulita Life are dedicated to making learning Spanish fun and interesting. Many programs offer flexible, individualized language sessions through small group classes, or private sessions customized for your Spanish level and learning style that gets you the best results. With a personal approach, they focus on developing real-life communication skills, while breaking through to a new world of perspectives by learning about Mexican culture. If you’re traveling with kids, this is an excellent way to do a family activity where you find yourself learning a new language, and having fun at the same time.

Get Your Sweat on in Sayulita

The secret is out! Sayulita is a haven for yoga enthusiasts, movement-junkies, and those looking for an epic, tropical getaway. As each season comes and goes in Sayulita, it seems more and more studios and unique fitness classes pop up. To keep you up to date, we have listed some of of 2016’s fitness classes and studios available to locals and visitors.

El Club Studio in Sayulita
Fitness, yoga, and dance classes

El Club is a one of a kind studio that caters to yoga, dance, and various fitness classes such as pilates. Owner and trainer Luciana has always dreamed of opening a space in Sayulita that offers a wide range of classes to meet everyone’s needs and levels of fitness along with keeping it fun! In the beginning of 2016, El Club opened its doors and has had an amazing turn out of a variety of classes attended by locals and tourists alike. Find out more information on El Club by visiting their page here.

I Love Yoga Maya
Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), yoga and pilates classes, barre workouts

Debbie Krejci of I Love Yoga Maya has an extensive physical background of pilates, yoga, thai massage, former firefighter and marathon runner. I love Yoga Maya specializes in Yoga Teacher Training in Sayulita held at the beautiful Villas Sayulita. Enjoy this 3 intensive week course with fellow yogi’s from around the world. For further information on the next YTT in Sayulita or Debbie’s class schedule, be sure to continually check I love Yoga Maya on here.

Local Tip- When traveling to Sayulita (or any place tropical, in general) it’s a good idea to think ahead of what items you may need to bring on your trip for your workouts. It’s always best to do some research to see what studios, retreats, and fitness classes provide to their students. One item we cannot live without is Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Towel. This towel will fit perfectly on your yoga mat to guarantee a stable yoga practice without slipping due to sweat and high levels of heat and humidity for any Sayulita yoga classes. It rolls up easily and can be thrown in your carry-on perfectly. It’s important to note, although Sayulita does not offer any “hot” or bikram yoga classes, doing yoga anywhere in the tropics will give you the same great work out and a healthy sweat on!

Paraiso Yoga Studio
Yoga, pilates, thai massage, and private sessions

Located on the North end of Sayulita is Paraiso Yoga Studio. Narayani, manager at Paraiso, is certified in hatha and ashtanga yoga, pilates, and thai massage. Classes are open to all ages and levels of athletic ability. Paraiso Yoga has been thriving in Sayulita since 2009, and offers a variety of classes as well as private lessons at the studio or at your vacation rental. To contact Paraiso Yoga on their current schedule, check out their page on here.

Sweat Play Live with Shanti
Beach boxing boot camp, HIIT beach workouts, Move your Asana® yoga, and retreats

If you’re looking to break a serious sweat and get in shape while visiting Sayulita, look no further than Sweat Play Live on the beach! Shanti, owner of Sweat Play Live, offers a wide range of classes such as a high intensity interval training work out, a boxing boot camp on the beach, and an active yoga class called, Move Your Asana®. These classes are extremely fun, as well as being a great challenge to your body. All classes and workshops are open to all ages and all levels of abilities. Be sure to take a look at Sweat Play Live on and check out any upcoming retreats and class schedules here. 

Yoga Los Suenos
Year round yoga classes, workshops, and retreats

Ocean breeze, tropical, lush surroundings, healthy food, wellness and yoga… sounds too good to be true? At Yoga Los Suenos, located on the North end of Sayulita at Hotelito Los Suenos, yoga classes, retreats, and workshops are held year round for visitors, locals and those looking to hit the reset button. Within the hotel is a pool and small café upstairs specializing in delicious, nutrient dense smoothies and seasonal, health conscious meals. Yoga Los Suenos provides everything you could need such as yoga mats, blocks, and blankets. To check out the current schedule of Yoga Los Suenos, click here.

Yoga with Jim Gallas 
Yoga, Relaxed Focus Massage, Improv Laughter

Jim has spent the past 20 years teaching yoga and massage. With over 100 workshops and a wide range of knowledge from several master teachers, Jim wants nothing more than to give you a positive, healing, and enjoyable experience. Classes for yoga are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am – 12:00pm at Don Pedro’s Palapa, right before Los Muertos Beach. For more information on classes or private lessons, be sure to check out Jim’s schedule and class description here.

Zumba in Sayulita
Zumba classes for all ages, yoga

Never tried Zumba before? Why not try in Sayulita! Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, calorie-burning dance fitness that emphasizes Latin-inspired moves that are easy to follow. Take control of your joy and health with this class offered three days a week. To get to this private studio, pass the iguana refuge tree and keep walking up the cobbled driveway from the corner of Manuel Navarette and Calle Caracol. Once you’re at the first gate you’ve made it. Stay up to date on all classes including Zumba Gold, Zumba Tone and gentle Yoga classes on page here.

Top 7 Ways to Stay Fit in Sayulita

Staying fit in Sayulita has never been easier! Just because you’re on vacation or traveling for an extended amount of time does not mean you have to put your fitness practice on the back burner. Sayulita is home to a handful of yoga studios, with over 20 different full-time and part time personal trainers, and exciting outdoor activities for any level. We’ve comprised a list of seven ways to stay fit in Sayulita to take all the guess work out.

Attend a Yoga & Surf Retreat
Enjoy a wellness vacation that let’s you unplug and unwind. Via Retreats creates a one of a kind atmosphere with luxury accommodations with activities that range from surfing, to stand-up paddle boarding to exploring the sights and sounds of Sayulita. Since 2002, Via Retreats has offered wellness vacations in Sayulita.

Local Tip- Want to take a piece of Sayulita with you wherever you go? We absolutely love Vagabond Goods’ Sayulita Yoga Mat. Made with non-toxic inks and free of any heavy metals and parabens, this is the perfect mat to pack on your upcoming yoga adventure.

Recharge with a Superfood Smoothie
Sayulita has an abundance of green smoothies and local superfoods, and Smoothies Mi Buen does a fantastic job of utilizing the local fare of Nayarit. With unique add-ins like local pine pollen, moringa, chia seeds, flaxseeds and natural almond milk, you’re guaranteed to up your smoothie game while visiting Sayulita. Located just to the right of the bridge heading north on Av. Revolucion, is Smoothies Mi Buen under a palapa roof and barstool seating. Enjoy the shade under the palapa roof and sip on a nutritious smoothie or juice.

Invest in a 5 Day Cleanse
Feeling a little sluggish? Thinking about hitting the reset button? Katie Hoffman, owner  of Nutrify for Life, creates a personalized, 5-day cleanse every month. Each cleanse includes freshly prepared organic foods, juices and elixirs packed full of nutrients aimed to aid in detoxifying your body. Ready for the best part? Everything is hand delivered to your door every day in Sayulita! Taking care of your body has never been so easy or delicious.

Build Super-Human Strength
If yoga isn’t your thing, maybe try an intro to calisthenics and movement-based group class or private session with Daniel Spencer of Movement + Calisthenics X in Sayulita. His class is held at Quilombo Gym, located on the main road as you enter town. With an extensive background of gymnastics, movement-based patterns, handstands, martial arts and circus training, Daniel Spencer creates a fun atmosphere in using body weight techniques to challenge the body, leaving you feeling invigorated and excited to learn new skills. Don’t let his background intimidate you – his classes are open to all levels and all ages, and made to fit your skillset and abilities.

Workout Overlooking the Ocean
Looking for a challenging and fun work out in quite possibly the most stunning view of Sayulita? Shelly Labovitz of Mexifit creates a fun atmosphere during her Power Rope Fusion and yoga classes under a gorgeous palapa overlooking the ocean and village of Sayulita. Power Rope Fusion will give you an awesome workout, while the restorative and yin-yoga classes will aid in relaxation and rejuvenation. The palapa is located at the Southern cliff of Sayulita’s beach. Walk past the fisherman boats and Villa Amor Hotel, towards Playa Los Muertos.

Enjoy an Afternoon of Archery Tag®
Get a serious workout in while playing a fun, competitive game outside! Archery Experience Mexico brings Archery Tag® to Nayarit. Archery Tag® is an exciting new sport which combines the excitement and intensity of paintball combined with dodgeball while using the skill-set of archery. Using soft foam-tipped arrows ensures no bruising or marks, making it fun and safe for players of any age. The archery shooting target center is located right outside of Sayulita in Higuera Blanca.

Take a Hike with MexiTreks
Sayulita has so much to offer and nature-lovers and hiking enthusiasts won’t be disappointed with their experience with MexiTreks. MexiTreks offers experiences for all levels of abilities. Whether you’re an advanced outdoorsman or looking for an easy, approachable trail, you will be sure to see first hand the absolute beauty of the Sayulita jungle and Riviera Nayarit. Want to take the kids? MexiTreks offers a kids hike for ages 4+ and is perfect for the whole family.


Staying Hydrated in Sayulita

We all know that staying hydrated is crucial when traveling to hotter, more tropical climates, such as Sayulita. Many visitors to Sayulita are surprised with the high percentage of humidity and heat they experience. Some travelers find themselves unprepared and lack of hydration can be detrimental to your vacation. Below are some tips to keep yourself hydrated, happy, and ready to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Before Your Trip

Planning ahead always saves you money in the long run. Sayulita is lined with farmacia’s (local pharmacies) all around town, but what some may not realize, is that the mark up is generously larger than buying basic products anywhere else. After a few days at the beach, you may realize you’re spending quite a bit of your pesos for gatorade or any other electrolyte drinks. Our biggest suggestion is doing your research ahead of time and ordering some type of electrolytes to bring with you on your trip. One of our favorite travel sized options are portable electrolytes. You can fit this in your pocket (it’s seriously the same size as eye drops) and take anywhere with you. Another suggestion we encourage everyone to do is bring your own portable water bottle. This helps keep Sayulita green by eliminating excessive plastic bottles and waste.

During Your Stay

We’re all about keeping it local! Throughout the town of Sayulita you will find many local vendors with a cart saying, “Cocos Frios” which translates to, “cold coconuts”. Natural coconut water is one of the most beneficial sources of electrolytes and keeps you cool and hydrated. Local Tip – Bring your empty water bottle with you and ask your local vendor to fill it with fresh coconut water. This is a fantastic way to take your fresh coconut water with you and explore Sayulita. In order to protect the ocean and marine life in Sayulita, please consider not using straws for your drinks. ChocoBanana is a local restaurant that has gone straw free and with everyones help, others will follow! Next time you’re at a restaurant or bar, use the phrase, “No popote por favor”, which means, “No straw, please”.

Top 3 Reasons Sayulita is a Thriving Community

For those who have traveled to, or call Sayulita their permanent home, it’s easy to see why it is such a desirable place; the sense of community, the fresh food, the ocean breeze and jungle sounds, it truly is a tropical paradise. At, we do our best to bring you up to date information on how to support local organizations and establishments. By supporting the local community in Sayulita, you are ensuring a future that flourishes for everyone. Below are a few reasons why Sayulita is such a strong and thriving community.

Community Based Organizations

There are many community-centered organizations in Sayulita that work for the sole purpose of making Sayulita a better place to visit and call home. One of these organizations is none other than Pro Sayulita, a non-political, duly-registered and federally-recognized Mexican non-profit that was founded in 2005 by concerned local and foreign citizens. Pro Sayulita also supports amazing volunteer and community based organizations in Sayulita. An example is  SayulitAnimals , a local Sayulita organization dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs and cats in need of forever homes. Another great volunteer-based organization that is supported by Pro Sayulita is Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita, an organization with the mission to educate locals and visitors on the importance of preserving the existence of local sea turtles. There are always upcoming events and fundraisers that need your help. For more information, please contact Pro Sayulita via their volunteer section and ask how you can be of service.

Shopping Local

Sayulita is home to many one of a kind produce and superfoods. If you find yourself in Sayulita on Friday, be sure to take advantage of our Mercado del Pueblo, Sayulita’s own Farmer’s Market. The purpose of Mercado del Pueblo is to provide local farmers a venue to bring healthy and sustainable food to the community and for the people of Sayulita to see the seasonal, fresh foods of the region. For information on other local markets in Nayarit, click here.

Enriching Local Youth & Activities

In Sayulita, we understand the importance of sustainable education and enriching a child’s life. We are proud to say that with the help of amazing volunteers, teachers, and the local community coming together, our children are on track to a very bright future. Costa Verde International School is an ecological, community-oriented, multicultural, and bilingual private school located in Sayulita. CVIS provides an intellectually stimulating curriculum for preschool through 6th grade and secondario (7th-9th grades) with small class sizes and hands on instruction to inspire learning. Another recent project that was completely focused on the local children of Sayulita is Sayuparke, a community park for children in Sayulita. Sayuparke made its debut in February of 2014. The park was completely organized, planned, funded, designed and built by Sayulita locals and volunteers.

Still want more information or have questions? Be sure to check out our recently updated Sayulita FAQ section.